New Albums to be released soon

No. 1 Ballads Vol. 3 – Timeless [repack] (January 9)
Maytree Vol. 1 – Maybe (January 10)
Park Sun Joo Vol. 4 – A4rism (January 10)
V. One Vol. 2 – Second Journey (January 11)
F&f Vol. 1 – Looking For Person (January 11)
Hue Vol. 2 – One Man (January 12)
Jung Ji Chan Vol. 1 – One Man (January 12)

Kim Hyung Joong Vol. 3 – The Dream of Heaven (January 13)
Kim Hyung Joong returns with his 3rd album, and is full of mixed genres of music. Many artsits featured in this album, such as Hwang SungJae, Go SungJin (Replay), HyunMin (Loveholic), & Lee SeungHwan, that makes the album so unique; from ballads with tearful lyrics, to a new type of rock. The album is expected to be a hit, following his 1st & 2nd album.

Let’s Marry OST (January 13)
Kim Yeon Woo Vol. 3 – 사랑을 놓치다 (January 14)

* Thanks to Izzie for the translations *
Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung