Kang Ji Hwan and Han Ji Min will lead the KBS2 drama “Capital Scandal (경성스캔들)”

4/3/07 – Kang Ji Hwan (28) and Han Ji Min (25) are selected to lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Capital Scandal (경성스캔들)” scheduled to be aired by KBS2 in June, following the final episode of “The Devil”.

This drama is based on the novel “Sad Story of the Capital (경성애사, 京城哀史)” written by Lee Sun Mi (이선미), portraying a love story happened in 1930s.

KJH plays the role Sun Woo Wan (선우 완) who is the youngest son of a rich family and is involved in the independence movement. HJM plays the role Na Yu Kyung (나여경) who is the owner of a bookstore. The PD is Han Joon Suh (한준서) whose previous drama was “The Immortal Lee Soon Shin (KBS, 2004)”, and the script writer is Jin Soo Wan (진수완) who wrote for the drama “Older sister-in-law is 19 years old (SBS, 2004)”.