I Think We Should Beat Up Reporters After a Performance

I Think We Should Beat Up Reporters After a Performance

(Just a disclaimer: These photos and comments were not created by anyone associated with Soompi, it’s a file that is going around “South Korea’s Wall Street.” Enjoy ;)

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“We should beat up reporters after a performance”

“We should really beat up reporters after an interview”

“We should beat up reporters like this”

“We should strangle reporters like this”

“I want to beat up the reporters with my hand”

“First we should find out who these reporters are”

“When I’m singing please shut off the camera and just listen to me”

“When we’re dancing, shut off the camera and just watch us please”

“When I scream ‘Say Yeah!’ turn off the camera and say it”

“When I’m surprised, shut off the camera and be surprised with me”

“Give me some money please”

“Please at least post a name tag”

“Please don’t forget that I’m also a part of the main cast”

“Take pictures after I finish my heart”

“Please don’t write that I am being arrested”

“Hey, get rid of some of that confidence” (The title reads [Picture] Jo Seung Mo showing his confidence to fans”

“I hope you don’t seduce me today” (Title reads: Park Bom, skinny but sexy body line)

“Minji should rest today”

“I wish I could rest today too”

“This guy should rest a lot!”

“I hope you know that it’s not always just the reporter’s fault”

“Dear reporter, I think we need a hammer or stick here”

“Don’t take pictures because I’m pissed off”

وأثني عليكم على جون مشاركة…