Jaeson Ma Shares "Universal Disciple" With The YG Family


Recording artist and minister Jaeson Ma is on a mission! Believers and non-believers alike are listening to Jaeson. The celebrity with a whole alot of influence is making his rounds in the YG Family in support of his religion. Tae Yang, Se7en, and Minzy were just a few of the many talents at YG who have already been enrapture by the message he is sharing. Do you want proof? The proof is in the tweets!

Below are some of the religious inspired messages:

Jaeson:  ” With my brothers @Realtaeyang @Choice37 sharing ‘Universal Disciple’ –Soldiers of Light …

Yo @[email protected]’s YG fam sharing universal disciple & congrats on da baptism! 

Minzy: “Cool~!!”

Jaeson: “@mingkki21 I need to share with you & Bom “universal disciple” soon! GOD POWER!!”

Minzy: “@jaesonma GOD POWER! BOOM!! ….”

Credit: @jaesonma [email protected]