Song Kang Ho and Shin Se Kyung Attend "Blue Salt" Press Conference

Song Kang Ho and Shin Se Kyung attended the press conference for their upcoming movie “Blue Salt” on August 23 at CGV Wangsimni.  Shin looked gorgeous in a draped gray and black dress.

During the conference, Shin shared her positive feelings about working opposite one of Korea’s best actors.  “The fact that I was able to work with Song Kang Ho was a big honor for me,” said the actress.  “I have a long ways to go, but I was really surprised to get this special opportunity… I had a lot of concerns but Song Kang Ho helped a lot and led the way.” 

“Now I’m in love with him,” Shin added laughingly.

Song Kang Ho addressed the 23-year age discrepancy between the onscreen pairing.  “I’m afraid people might shrivel from embarrassment, seeing two actors with huge age gaps work together,” he said with a smile.

He also joked about his tough guy image.  “It’s my fourth time playing a mob role, but I’ve been getting promoted every time and now I’m the boss!  I think being a mobster is the perfect job to show a character’s dramatic life, and that’s why it appears a lot in Korean movies.”

“Blue Salt” is about the complicated relationship between an ex-mafia boss and an assassin who has been hired to kill him.