Tiger JK Performs Wearing Stolen Jacket From "Infinity Challenge"?


Rapper Seo Jung Kwon (more commonly known as Tiger JK) has attracted the public’s attention recently all because of the fact he wanted a jacket from “Infinity Challenge.”

On September 9 Tiger JK updated his Twitter saying, “I went to the Jungle Entertainment office and I discovered something that I want to steal!”

The “something” in question turns out to be the baseball jacket from MBC’s “Infinity Challenge.”

A few minutes later he tweeted again, “I couldn’t resist so I ended up wearing it. What if I just went home wearing this?” as he posted a photo of himself wearing the jacket posing.

Around 2AM he left another tweet teasing, “Rehearsing with the jacket that I borrowed.”

Fans left comments saying, “You look great in the jacket,” “You should become a member of ‘Infinity Challenge’!,” and “So cute.”