Lee Seung Gi Releases Episode 3 of "5-minute Music Broadcasts"


The third episode of Lee Seung Gi‘s “5-minute Music Broadcasts” has been released.

The event was hosted by MC Park Ji Yoon at the “Tonight Cafe.” This episode takes the format of a radio show in which Lee Seung Gi is a guest who is on to promote his new song “Tonight.” Comedian Byun Ki Soo acts as the host and introduces the song through a series of leading questions.

Byun Ki Soo: We will let you promote your new song here today. I will ask you a series of questions to which you can only answer with the name of your new song. In your heart, you have an actress you like, right? When will you meet that actress?

Lee Seung Gi: Tonight.

Byun Ki Soo: Oh, you don’t lie. When will you confess to that actress?

Lee Seung Gi: Tonight.

Byun Ki Soo: When will you kiss that actress?

Lee Seung Gi: Tonight

Byun Ki Soo: When will you let us hear that song?

Lee Seung Gi: Tonight!

Here is the epsiode 3 of Lee Seung Gi’s “5-mminute Music Broadcasts”:

Stay tuned for the next episode where Lee Seung Gi will change his softer image to rock out for his fans!