Extension for “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” Highly Unlikely


Despite all the talks about a possible extension for MBC’sThe Moon that Embraces the Sun,” it seems highly unlikely that the popular series will run for an extra four episodes at this point. According to representatives from management agencies of the drama’s lead actors, they have “heard of extension rumors but have not been approached by the producers regarding the matter.” Production director Kim Do Hoon also tweeted, “We haven’t heard any concrete news about a possible extension.”

Additionally, earlier today, KBS announced its plans to broadcast its upcoming drama “The Equator Man,” the follow-up to “Wild Romance,” on March 14. “The Equator Man” will be produced by the same company (Pan Entertainment) that is behind “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Pan Entertainment will have two of its dramas compete for viewership ratings on the same night.   A representative of Pan Entertainment stated, “People keep bringing up talks about a possible extension for ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun,’ however, we have never had any discussion concerning the matter.

When asked if “The Equator Man” had anything to do with not extending “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” the rep replied, “The dramas are managed by two different teams within the company, so extending one drama won’t affect the company. However, if it [“The Moon that Embraces the Sun”] is extended, we’ll have two teams competing against each other within the company.”

Meanwhile, last night’s episode of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” recorded 37.1% (AGB Nielsen) viewership ratings. While the overall ratings were the same as the tenth episode, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” rewrote its personal high in real-time ratings hitting 42.5%

MBC will air the twelfth episode of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” tonight at 9:55PM KST. Check out the preview with subs here!