4Minute’s HyunA Shows Off Her Flexibility

4Minute’s HyunA Shows Off Her Flexibility

Girl group 4Minute member, HyunA, had her uncle fans’ hearts fluttering with her fresh and youthful stretching.

The singer uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption: “Currently recording~~~~~~~~~~~~” on February 24.

In the uploaded picture, HyunA is taking a rest by sitting on a sofa while stretching; she looks young and comfortable in her simple white t-shirt and skinny jeans outfit—different from her usual onstage sexy and fierce image.

Her flexibility also caused jealousy amongst the netizens; some even compared her flexibility to a flip cell phone and a folder.

In the meanwhile, HyunA and idol group BEAST member, Jang Hyun Seung, recently participated in the unit group,Troublemaker, with their sexy choreographed performances and addicting melody.