“The Moon that Embraces the Sun” Episode 20 (FINAL) Preview

“The Moon that Embraces the Sun” Episode 20 (FINAL) Preview

 Check out the preview for the final episode below!

Bo Kyung’s father: I will let you slay the King’s head.
Yang Myung: I will gladly do so.
Yang Myung: Yah!!!!!!!

Bo Kyung: Ever since I first met your majesty…the only thing I ever wanted was…your majesty’s heart…

Yeon Woo: Where is this place?
Yeon Woo’s mother: Are you really Yeon Woo?

Yeom & Princess Min Hwa’s son: Mother?
Princess Min Hwa: I wanted to see him…just one last time…I miss him so much…

Jan Shil: Please don’t go No Kyung…Please don’t leave me behind…

Hwon: Who are you? Tell me, what is your identity?
Yeon Woo: I am Yeon Woo, your majesty’s wife and this country’s mother (Queen). 

The Moon that Embraces the Sun” will air its final episode tonight, March 15, at 9:55PM KST. Meanwhile, the ratings for yesterday’s episode saw a slight dip, dropping to 38.7% (AGB Nielsesn), a 2.5% decrease from the eighteenth episode.