Stars Attend Various Fashion Shows for Seoul Fashion Week

Stars Attend Various Fashion Shows for Seoul Fashion Week

It’s Seoul Fashion Week in Korea and some of the best designers in the nation got a chance to show off their hard work that was done all year. Seoul Fashion Week is quite the place to be as loads of top celebrities have been sighted at various shows to either watch or to walk down the runway as a model.

The Seoul Fashion Week started on April 2 and will last until April 7 to exhibit Korea’s finest and best designs of the 2012 spring/summer collection.

On April 3, several shows were held including shows by designers Lee Joo Young, Choi Beom Suk, Go Tae Yong, and Jung Doo Young.

Fashion savvy stars have attended these shows as they wore some of their best planned outfits. Some of the top stars who attended these shows include: LeeSsang, G.NA, ZE:A, MBLAQ, Sung Hoon, Lee Jung Jin, Son Ho Young, Lee Jong Suk, Brian, Noel, Jewelry, SS501′s Park Jung Min and more.

Stay tuned for more Seoul Fashion Week photos and news this week. Check out the photos below:

— The Choi Beom Suk Show

ZE:A's Dong Joon (Choi Beom Suk)ZE:A’s Kim Dong Joon

ZE:A's  Ha Min Woo (Choi Beom Suk)
ZE:A’s Ha Min Woo

Seungho (MBLAQ), Dong Joon, Min Woo
MBLAQ’s Seungho, ZE:A’s Dong Joon, ZE:A’s Min Woo

Huh Kyung Hwan
Comedian Huh Kyung Hwan

Koo Jun Yeop
Koo Jun Yeop

Lee Jung Jin
Lee Jung Jin 

Sung Hoon
Sung Hoon



— The Go Tae Yong Show

Lee Jong Suk (Go Tae Yong)
Lee Jong Suk 

Son Ho Young (Go Tae Yong)
Son Ho Young 

Sung Joon (Go Tae Yong)
Sung Joon



— The Jung Doo Young Show

G.NA (Jung Doo Young)
G.NA doing the catwalk.

Hong Jong Hyun (Jung Doo Young)
Hong Jong Hyun

Jung Gyuh Woon (Jung Doo Young)
Jung Gyeo Woon

Kim Ji Suk (Jung Doo Young)
Kim Ji Suk

Park Yoon Jae (Jung Doo Young)
Park Yoon Jae

— The Lee Joo Young Show

Gary (Lee Joo Young)
LeeSsang’s Gary on the runway.

Gil (Lee Joo Young)
LeeSsang’s Gil on the runway.

Brian (Lee Joo Young)
Brian Joo

Han Groo (Lee Joo Young)
Han Groo

Jewelry (Lee Joo Young)
Jewelry’s Eun Jung, Joo Yeon, Sae Mi

Noel (Lee Joo Young)

Shinsadong Tiger (Lee Joo Young)
Shinsadong Tiger

SS501 Park Jung Min (Lee Joo Young)
SS501′s Park Jung Min