Yoo In Na Shows Off Her Voluptuous Body

Yoo In Na Shows Off Her Voluptuous Body

Pictures of Yoo In Na showing off her voluptuous body were revealed. An online community board made a post titled, “Yoo In Na’s body that is more surprising seen from above.”

The picture appears to be taken by a passerby or fan during a drama shooting. Yoo In Na is showing off her glamorous body in a tight one-piece peach dress. On top she is wearing a white cardigan.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “I wonder how Yoo In Na maintains her figure,” “She has a lot of aegyo (A mixture of cuteness and sweetness) and she has a good body, no wonder Ji Hyun Woo likes her,” and “I need to begin on my diet right away.”

Currently, Yoo In Na is dating Ji Hyun Woo.