SISTAR’s Hyorin’s Dark Skin Gets Compared

SISTAR’s Hyorin’s Dark Skin Gets Compared

Sistar’s Hyorin’s dark skin is suddenly the center of netizen’s attention, as they compare her skin with Wonder GirlsSunye‘s and f(x)’s Victoria‘s.

In the July 9 episode of MBC’s “Come To Play,” leaders from three popular girl groups were featured together. Sunye, Hyorin, and Victoria sat side by side, showing a clear difference in skin tones. A thread in an online community board promptly appeared with title, “Hyorin’s Skin Color, More Shocking Next to Sunye’s Skin Color.”

The screen captures from the episode show a brightly smiling Hyorin situated between Sunye and Victoria. Unfortunately, having been sandwiched in between two porcelain-white skinned beauties, the darkness of Hyorin’s skin was even more emphasized. The comparison drew good-humored laughter within the show.

Netizen commented: “Nice angels and then a sexy devil,” “One hell of a seating arrangement,” and “It’s a trap sitting between Sunye and Victoria!”