Kim Hee Sun’s Graduation Photo on “Faith”

Kim Hee Sun’s Graduation Photo on “Faith”

Actress Kim Hee Sun has been capturing and captivating audiences on SBS’s drama, “Faith.”

As the star of “Faith,” she plays a time-travelling plastic surgeon and in the most recent episode, her character reminisces about her university senior, played by actor Ahn Jae Ok.

Of particular interest in this scene was a close up shot of Kim Hee Sun’s character’s name tag.  The name tag, which is attached to her white intern gown, has a picture of Kim Hee Sun’s actual high school graduation picture.

Those that viewed the picture noted that her appearance had not changed much since her younger days.

Netizens commented: “Naturally beautiful people do not change much. She’s so absurdly pretty,” “My only wish is that I would be able to live just one day looking like that.” “She looks so pretty in the drama – there’s nothing to describe it, Kim Hee Sun is just Kim Hee Sun!”