Lee Ha Yi to Release a Ballad Song Next

121120 lee ha yi wide

Rookie singer Lee Ha Yi (aka Lee Hi) will take on the ballad genre for her next song.

On November 19, YG Entertainment made a surprise announcement that Lee Ha Yi will release her second song on November 22.

Well known for her soulful voice during SBS’s popular audition program “K-Pop Star,” Lee Ha Yi went above everyone’s expectations debuting with a retro track and topping local music charts, a feat difficult for non-rookies as the market becomes more saturated with idols and artists debuting practically every day.

Lee Ha Yi has previously broke the record of the fastest artist to hit #1 since debut and is currently creating a new record of placing first on music charts for 23 days with her debut track.

Soompiers, do you think it’s a smart move that she changes up and tackles the ballad genre now? Or should she stick with soul?