miss A’s Min Pulls Off The Thizz Face

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MBC’s music program “Music Core” reported that they’re filming an episode in Vietnam on November 29. We have managed to catch a few celebrities at the airport on November 28 to prepare for the event.

Maybe it’s because one of Amber’s tweet gave some netizens a reason to look more pictures of miss A’s Min, but these sets of pictures have been circulating around local search engines. Take a look here at Min’s thizz face and overall carefree, chillax attitude.

Soompiers, don’t you just want to hang out with the gal? Amber tweeted, “ yo u be rocking those airport pics! :)” and later tweeted to Min, “we gotta take some crazy hyper pics like the old days wen u get back 🙂 gl in vietnam!” Yes, please. Please take some crazy hyper pics and share it with us!