Han Ga In’s Fabulous Body Is Thanks to Modern Dance

han ga in dance

It has been revealed that actress Han Ga In enjoys modern dance and the studio she frequents is receiving a lot of attention.

The studio, Tanz Play, includes a program based on the workout designed for professional ballerinas. When combined with yoga and pilates, this program helps in creating a beautifully toned body.

When Han Ga In showed off her lean body by wearing black tights for a cosmetic commercial, female viewers became curious of her workout regime. Later, to satisfy her fans’ curiosity, Han Ga In revealed Tanz Play and also showed off her flexibility by doing a split.

Han Ga In stated, “I can’t seem to develop muscles, so I decided on modern dance. I visit this studio 2~3 times a week.”

In addition to Han Ga In, actor Jang Geun Suk is also known to be a student at Tanz Play.

An official from this studio revealed, “An average person can lose up to 7kg in two months if they work out a few times per week. Unlike other sports, this exercise is designed to create a beautiful body line. It is especially great for people who want to become more flexible.”