SHINee Anounces Google+ Hangout Event

SHINee Anounces Google+ Hangout Event

Now that SHINee‘s back with their third album “Dream Girl” you can win a chance to hang out with SHINee through Google+ and ask them your burning questions.

In a video with English subs on the official SMTOWN YouTube channel, the members of SHINee gave a special announcement to their fans. From February 19 to 25 SHINee fans can apply to interact with SHINee online on March 8.

Here are the instructions:
1. Search #apopSHINee and include the following information on Google+
– Name
– Age
– Nationality
– Your question to SHINee

2. Set your post as “Public” and click “Share”
Tip) Click on #apopSHINee to see who else has applied for this event!

For more information you can check out this link or search #apopSHINee #kpop on google.

Good luck!

Group 2PM previously announced their Google Hangout date for March 13. Check here for more information!


...and all I'm thinking about was how adorable that "annyeong~" was at the end.