Sunny Hill and Daybreak Release Collaboration MV for “Love Actually” and C.S.I. Interview

[MV] SunnyHill, DAYBREAK(써니힐, 데이브레이크) _ Love Actually(들었다 놨다) Video Thumbnail

Girl group Sunny Hill collaborated with modern rock band Daybreak to remake the song “Love Actually” and together they have released a funny and cute music video through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube Channel.

“Love Actually” was originally a Daybreak single released in 2010 but three years later they worked with Sunny Hill to create a special collaboration cover of the song. The music video stars comedian Kim Sung Won who plays the ideal man for each Sunny Hill member. He gives the “ideal man” stereotype a hilarious twist. Kwang Hee and DefConn make a cameo appearance.

In addition, Sunny Hill and Daybreak got together for a special C.S.I. (Coming Soon Interview). The interview was in a mock dating style where the members had to introduce themselves and partner up.

Check out both videos below!