K.Will, L, Dasom, and Park Min Ha are All Smiles for Making of Video for “Love Blossom”

케이윌(K.will) – Love Blossom 러브블러썸 Making Film 메이킹영상 Video Thumbnail

Starship Entertainment released the behind the scenes video of K.Will, INFINITE’s L, Sistar’s Dasom, and child actress Park Min Ha filming the music video for “Love Blossom” through their official YouTube channel.

L and Dasom star in this sweet and quirky love story directed by Song Won Young who is well known for his sensible pictures and twist plots. In the making of video we can watch K. Will and L looking very friendly as they laugh together. The camera loves L and he returns the love by giving the camera handsome wink. Also, Dasom shows her sisterly side as she sings as Park Min Ha dances. 

If you haven’t already you can check out the music video and Eat Your Kimchi’s review of it here. Plus, for more “Love Blossom” goodness, watch K.Will interview himself about the song.