SHINee’s Onew Shows Gentlemanly Manner

onew dream team 1

On the May 12 episode of KBS’ “Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2″  the four members of SHINee, comedian Noh Woo Jin, and Secret’s Sunhwa appeared to compete against a high school female soccer team.

One of the game involved Onew doing a penalty kick while carrying a female soccer player on his back. As the student was wearing a pair of shorts, Onew showed thoughtfulness as he tried to keep his hands in fists to avoid touching her bare legs.

Onew also beautifully sang a song, impressing all the female players.

Meanwhile, SHINee’s Jonghyun could not appear on this show due to recent injury. In his place was comedian Noh Woo Jin, who used to be a soccer player in high school.