Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Posts Pictures From Her Birthday

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Posts Pictures From Her Birthday

Girl’s Generation’s youngest member Seohyun recently celebrated her birthday and has thankfully posted some pictures from the party for fans to have a look at. 

On a post on Girl’s Generation’s official website, Seohyun posted the following picture along with a message where she tells everyone that “A bit belated birthday party photo! ^^ My birthday has past but I’m somewhat belatedly posting my birthday party photos~ hehe. It was hard to gather everyone because of their own personal work schedules but I was really really happy to get congratulated like this from my sisters~! Hehe Sisters, you’re the best!!”

And lastly she ends with “My wish is…it’s a secret. Have a merry day today as well~^^.”

In the photo we see the Girls’ Generation members gathered around Seohyun in front of an elaborate array of dishes. In the small speech bubble we see Seohyun writing “Sisters~~ Thank you very much! ^^ My wish…is a secret.” Seohyun has been fairly active on the Girls’ Generation main website, previously posting a picture of her new puppy, Dubu. 

While we are here I think it’s a good opportunity for us to also wish Seohyun a belated happy birthday! May she live long and prosper.