[Exclusive] A Special Letter From Lim Kim Part 3

[Exclusive] A Special Letter From Lim Kim Part 3

It’s already the third letter from Lim Kim. You can click on the links below for her previous precious letters to our dear Soompiers.

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During this letter, she will talk about her just released second mini album “Her Voice.” If her first mini album “A Voice” differentiated her voice from the rest of the crowd, “Her Voice” is an album that shows off what kind of genres she’s capable of covering. Please take the time to read her wonderful letter below!

But first, a shout out from the lovely Lim Kim!


Many Top Musicians Participated in Lim Kim’s Second Album “Her Voice”

A lot of people participated in my just released second mini album “Her Voice.” Mentor Yoon Jong Shin, who was the head producer of this album, wanted me to be involved in the process of the album making from the beginning rather than just focusing on my color. That’s why, I was able to take part in the album from the planning stages. Because of that, I think I was able to grow as a musician. ^^

A lot of my truthful and candid thoughts are included in this album, especially for tracks “Urban Green” and “Rain” where I got to take part as a lyricist. Since my breath was included in each track, I think it helped with the continuity of the album. Somehow, I think that it’s a birth of an album from a twentysomething. A lot of South Korea’s top artists were able to lend a hand for this album. Not only chief producer Yoon Jong Shin, but Lee Sang Soon, Lee Kyu Ho, Kim Kwang Jin, Go Chan Yong, Kim Chang Ki seniors composed songs for me.

김예림 미니2집 커버

Successful Track “Rain” From Second Mini Album “Her Voice”

I released the track “Rain” before the album’s official release. There must be people who already heard, right? ^^ This is a track written by teacher Yoon Jong Shin and the lyrics was a collaboration between him, same label artist Pure Kim and myself. Teacher Lee Sang Soon arranged the track and contributed his guitar skills while Korea’s popular pianist Jo Yoon Sung played the keys.

“Rain” is a track that first comes to mind when it rains. I filmed the music video with the concept of me holding a red umbrella and twirling around. I hope that you’ll enjoy the music video for “Rain” at least once.^^ I personally wrote the lyrics for “Rain,” so the words aren’t really conventional or new. Rather, I tried to cleverly express the feelings of people when they are about to be immersed in appreciating the rain. Through this song, I learned that I suit well with the jazz genre. I thought before that if I had the chance, I wanted to give everyone a jazz song.

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Title Track “Voice” From Second Mini Album

I’ll now introduce the title track “Voice” from this album. Teacher Yoon Jong Shin composed the title track and also wrote the lyrics. He was able to keep his own style while also including today’s trend in the song. The artists who participated in the album are currently a few of today’s hottest and trendiest musicians. Swings, who’s receiving love from Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 2,” participated as a rapper. Musician Postino took part by arranging a track. The track isn’t so fast nor is it too slow. The song is about a lover remembering the voice of an ex. Just like the title “Voice,” the actual voice is quite important. Seniors Yoo Hee Yeol, Jung Jae Hyung, Swings, and Pure Kim lent their voices to the track. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who participated in the album.

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So I personally shared my story and my music from my debut days to the release of my second mini album. How was it? Did you guys have fun? I hope that the fans who don’t really know me get to have the chance to dive in a little deeper and get to know me a little bit more. I hope that I’ll be able to greet you through Soompi in the future.

If there are any questions you have after reading Part 3, please ask them in the comment section below! Lim Kim plans to choose among the questions and answer them.


While i am here i want to say...Rain and Voice are really beautiful songs and the MVs are just stunning! I am not really a person who rewatches music videos but those two are just great and Yerim is so pretty too.


Hello once again~^^ Thank you for taking your time to introduce yourself and your albums. It was my first time seeing you speak in English on the shout out video. It must be great to be able to communicate with international fans. I know that it’s great for us at least^^Lots of Korean singers are unable to do that unfortunately. It was nice getting to know you more without anything getting lost in translation^^ I had listened to Rain when it first came out but didn’t know that you had written the lyrics. Great job! The song wasn’t my favorite but I really liked the pretty music video. But like seriously, all of your music videos look so artistic^^ It seems like you guys put a lot of thought and effort into making them. Title track Voice is more my type of music^^ Swings’ featuring in Voice suited the song much more than Jo Jung Chi’s featuring in All Right. Sorry if that sounded mean^^ Out of topic but one more thing, thank you for putting all the songs from your album on company's youtube channel.  Looking forward to hearing from you more~^^

Lu Zheng Wei
Lu Zheng Wei

Hello Lim Kim! I have another few questions for you after reading this third letter. Hope that you'll be able to answer them too :)

You mentioned that participating in the production of this album from the very beginning helped you grow as a musician. What kind of musician, if it's possible to describe, do you want to or hope to be like? Is there any other senior musician that you take a reference point from when you think about this?

Does it matter to you whether we understand the actual meaning of the voice narrations in 'Voice' by your seniors? Many of us may not be able to understand what is being said if we listen to the song itself (if we didn't watch the teaser), since these narrations are not part of the main lyrics which we can see through the captions on Youtube.

Finally, now that you've released your second mini-album with a different concept than 'A Voice', I'll like to ask on how would you compare the two different concepts and the relationship between the two, if any. 

Also, although it may still seem a little early, is there any other side to you that you want to show or may show in your future solo activities? You mentioned in letter #2 that you can be many things and express them through music, and through the songs from the two albums I can definitely tell the difference, which makes your music refreshing and yet somewhat familiar at the same time :)

On a side note it has been raining a lot in Singapore over the past few days and when you released 'Rain' too! Interesting :)
Thank you for writing all of your letters here! It really means a lot ^^

Hunter Johnson
Hunter Johnson

Hi Lim Kim, I really enjoyed how you wrote a song in English for this mini album.  This made me curious if you want to do any activities in the United States? I really hope you do one day, I'm a big fan of your music!