SM Artists Perform Their Favorite “Everybody” Move, SHINee Releases Making Of “Everybody” Video

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 10.47.48 AM

SHINee surprised fans with a special video clip on October 31 that features TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, f(x), EXO and Super Junior performing moves from SHINee’s latest hit, “Everybody.” According to the video, it appears that the “DJ” move is unanimously the most memorable! The rest of the SM family members wished SHINee success with their latest hit and delighted in showing the camera their favorite moves from “Everybody.” 

The clip is also subtitled in English for fans! According to Jonghyun, the special video clips are a part of their efforts to raise music video views for “Everybody” in fun and interesting ways. The first special video clip they released was of their “Everybody” dance practice video clip.

Check out their first video clip if you haven’t already:

On November 2, SHINee also released a special behind-the-scenes video for the “Everybody” music video. Snippets from SHINee’s photo shoot for their concept, teaser and album jacket images are shown as well as clips from the set of their “Everybody” music video shoot.