A Pink Hints at March 31 Comeback

A Pink Hints at March 31 Comeback

While we previously reported that A Pink will be making their comeback in early April, the group’s official Facebook page just revealed a possible teaser hint.

Showing a sports scoreboard (which is usually used for volleyball or badminton) we see the scores of 3-31. Along with the picture was a short message “#Apink 2014.03.31.”

Could this be the release day of their new album, or maybe just the beginning of more teasers?


This past week, the A Pink members have been very active on their Facebook page, posting selcas and talking about having to practice.

A few days ago Namjoo shared a video on Facebook, giving a possible hint for their comeback. 


Eunji selca

Hayoung selca

Bomi selca

Namjoo selca

sefti risnawati
sefti risnawati

like it...can't wait again...where is naeun?good morning everybody...

lordbordem moderator Le Penguin Officiel

Oh goodie~ Something to pre-order soon =D

Ryan Liu
Ryan Liu

Haha March 31st? Lol you love letting me see A-Pink haha!