“Big Man” Actress Lee Da Hee Talks About Her Height and Strict Diet

lee da hee

Lee Da Hee, currently starring in the upcoming drama “Big Man,” recently revealed her alarming diet practice at a press conference.

Originally a model, Lee Da Hee is 176 cm (5’9”) tall, and weighs 49 kg (108 lbs). She said, “As an actress, I don’t think being tall is a good thing. If you’re tall, there’s a preconception that you won’t look as good with actors. When I was a model, I wanted to be tall, but now it’s just the opposite.”

She continued, “Because I’m tall, if I gain weight, I look so much bigger. I diet a lot, and currently I weigh about 49 to 50 kg.” The actress said, “If I gain weight at all, I just stop eating.”

“Big Man,” also starring Kang Ji Hwan, airs its first episode today (April 28), and is about a third-rate lowlife who suddenly becomes the eldest son of a large corporation.

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