[Gmarket Global] Lee Yeon Hee Knows How to Enjoy Herself at a Hawaiian Beach

lee yeon hee gmarket global

Good news for fans who have been curious to what Lee Yeon Hee has been up to after wrapping up her drama “Miss Korea” a couple months earlier!

Lee Yeon Hee, who is currently endorsing Gmarket Global along with BIGBANG’s fashionable leader G-Dragon, enjoyed her recent trip to Hawaii. A few photos from her vacation were posted on a popular online community board under the title “Hawaii’s goddess Lee Yeon Hee.”

 lee yeon hee gmarket photo

The photos don’t disappoint the fans as they see her enjoying herself at a beach. One reveals her patiently waiting while a local helps her with the surfing board. She shows off her fashion sense wearing a black and white striped swimsuit, which reveals her long and slim legs. In another photo, Lee Yeon Hee sports a loosely fit long sleeve grey shirt over short shorts and flip flops while she poses with another local right in front of a surf shop.

How does she usually prepare for her vacation trips or even a simple picnic outing with friends? Fans and those interested in fashion can see how she prepares in the two videos below.

Behind the scenes: Lee Yeon Hee and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

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