Girl’s Day Mina Is a Fan of First Generation Idol Group g.o.d.

kim tae woo & mina

Girl’s Day member Mina recently took a picture with Kim Tae Woo of the legendary male group g.o.d. On the morning of May 24, she uploaded the photo to her personal Twitter and wrote “It seems like only a few days ago that I was listening to g.o.d.’s music while studying with my friends.”

In the photo, Mina and Kim Tae Woo stand with their faces close together, smiling into the camera. The sunglasses-wearing Kim Tae Woo and youthful Mina appear more like “artist and fan” than “senior and junior.”

Netizens commented “Mina is g.o.d.’s fan!”, “Soon it’s gonna seem like I was listening to Girl’s Day’s songs only a few days ago, too,” and “g.o.d. has a lot of celebrity fans.”

Girl’s Day is currently preparing for a comeback in June.

mina & kim tae woo