2PM’s Nichkhun and Chansung Meet the King of Mandopop, Jay Chou

2PM Nichkhun Chansung Wei Da Xun Jay Chou

On May 25, Nichkhun of boy group 2PM proved that even stars do get starstruck.

After meeting the Taiwanese singer-songwriter-actor Jay Chou, Nichkhun uploaded on his Weibo a photo he snapped with the singer along with the post, “I met Jay Chou! He was really awesome!”

In the photo, Nichkhun is joined by co-2PM member Chansung and Chinese actor Wei Da Xun.

Wei Da Xun also shared the photo Nichkhun uploaded, adding his comment saying, “Even when I think about it now, I’m still nervous.”

Nichkhun and Wei Da Xun are working together on a Chinese drama called “One and a Half Summer” which starts airing in June. Wei Da Xun has recently signed an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment last May 23.