Jo In Sung Makes Surprise Appearance to Support Sung Dong Il on “I’m Going to School”

I'm Going to School Sung Dong Il Jo in sung

Actor Jo In Sung will be having a surprise appearance on the variety program “I’m Going to School” to support his cast member Sung Dong Il.

On the September 6 episode of the jTBC variety program, Jo In Sung appeared in a video message in front of Sung Dong Il’s class. Sung Dong Il, who is in the hit drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” with Jo In Sung, managed to receive a video message for his class, who burst into cheers at the personalized message from the popular star.

Although he jokingly mentioned being jealous of his co-stars’ popularity in his own classroom, Sung Dong Il seemed pleased at how successful his surprise event for his classmates turned out.

“I’m Going to School” is a cable variety program where celebrities join real-life classrooms as students. It airs every Saturday.