Super Junior’s Leeteuk Opens Up about His Challenging Early Years as an Entertainer


Super Junior leader Leeteuk has revealed that one of his sunbaes made him feel extremely uncomfortable during his early days as an entertainer.

Leeteuk was a guest on the November 1 episode of MBC’s “Quiz Around the World,” when he opened up about his difficult past.

“Soon after Super Junior debuted, I got cast as a regular cast member for a variety show, but one sunbae [an industry senior] picked on me a lot,” he told, and added, “As I was a rookie, I did everything as well as I could, but that sunbae tapped on my back and said, ‘Stop. You have talked a lot. Stop!'”

“He was like that during the following filming, and also the one after that. He made me feel uncomfortable, finally to the point where I did not know what to do. But one day, I went to shoot the show, but that sunbae was not there. I was told he was dismissed from the show,” Leeteuk revealed.