G-Dragon Responds to Yano Shiho and Chu Sarang’s Love Call

Yano Shiho, G-Dragon

After the model Yano Shiho, the wife of Chu Sung Hoon and mother of the adorable Chu Sarang of “Superman Returns” fame, expressed her great desire to work together with G-Dragon whom Sarang likes a lot,  the BIGBANG leader has shown a positive reaction and responded through his personal social networking site.

On G-Dragon’s personal Instagram account, the singer posted a screen capture of the interview of Yano Shiho together with the words, “Sarang, I also like (you).” He also posted hashtags that said “Sorry, Haru” and “I also like Haru.” In the post, G-Dragon showed his affection towards Yano Shiho and Chu Sung Hoon’s cute daughter Sarang and was apologetic to Haru, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung’s daughter, who is also a big fan of G-Dragon.

Yaho Shino

Earlier, Yano Shiho was interviewed in a program wherein she was asked whom she wants to work with in a commercial. The model said that she wants to work with “G-Dragon, who’s Sarang’s favorite.” G-Dragon must have heard of this and took it as a compliment so he responded positively.