Sera Ryu Releases “Only One” Official MV

sera ryu

Former Nine Muses member Sera Ryu has released her new “Only One” music video on YouTube on December 23.

The music video is very simple, which is somewhat a respite from the many flashy MVs that seem to trend the K-pop world. Shot in what appears to be a study room, Sera keeps the focus solely on her vocal talents. Surprisingly, she also raps in the video, under a different outfit. At first, it seems like there are two people on the set, but upon closer examination, the person in the hoodie is Sera herself.

She also leaves a cheerful holiday message at the end of the video for all those watching.

“Hi everyone! It’s me Sera. Thanks for watching my video, and please watch over me as I develop more! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Check out the music video below!