Lee Jong Suk Reveals Affection and Trust for Acting Partner Park Shin Hye

lee jong suk

Lee Jong Suk revealed his affection and trust for his fellow actress Park Shin Hye.

In a recent interview with Sports Donga, Lee Jong Suk revealed the behind stories of the SBS drama “Pinocchio” and his own life values.

“This time Park Shin Hye acted a character very different from her other roles. She did a good job in highlighting the loveable traits of In Ha. You could tell she is a well experienced actor for sure,” he said. “There is a certain attraction I feel towards pretty people who willingly expose their comical side.”

He added, “Park Shin Hye helped me out a lot. When I was exhausted from letting out too much emotion halfway through the filming, she really supported me as a senior actor. She’s a good acting partner and an intelligent actress.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk played the role of Ki Ha Myung, a reporter who had to live with a fake name, in “Pinocchio,” gaining much love through the drama.

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