SISTAR’s Soyu Suffers Thigh Injury During Practice, Currently Recovering After Treatment


It has been reported that SISTAR’s Soyu recently suffered an injury to her thigh in the midst of practice.

According to a broadcast official on February 14, Soyu visited a hospital to receive treatment on February 13 after expressing severe pain in her thigh ligament during practice. The SISTAR member is said to be having a time of recovery at the present time.

A representative of Starship Entertainment revealed to Star News, “This past February 13, [Soyu] complained of a sudden pain in her thigh so she received treatment. She is currently resting so that there are no setbacks for her future activities.”

Soyu was originally scheduled to attend a recording of KBS’ variety program “1 Night 2 Days” on this day. However, due to the unexpected injury, she was unable to take part in it.

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