“Infinity Challenge” Looking for a Sixth Member; Asking Fans to Suggest Good Candidates

infinity challenge action star

MBC‘s TV show “Infinity Challenge,” which had been continuing the program with just five members after Noh Hong Chul and Gil left, is finally looking for a “sixth man.”

A notice was uploaded onto the show’s official Twitter account on March 5 saying, “Sixthman Maketh Mudo. Please suggest a sixth man, the new member of ‘Infinity Challenge.’ If you have a new face in mind, please suggest the sixth man with the tag #무도식스맨(#InfinityChallengeSixthMan) and we will listen to your suggestions for the show.”


In the revealed photo, “Infinity Challenge” members are sitting around a table together. The five members seem to be having a serious conversation.

infinity challenge2

You can also make a suggestion via Twitter with the tag #무도식스맨.

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