EXID’s Solji Talks About Her Family’s Reaction to Fancams that Focus on Specific Body Part

exid solji

On the April 30 broadcast of JTBC’s “War of Words,” EXID‘s Solji talks about her older brother’s reaction to a fancam focused on a specific part of her body.

As EXID is known for shooting to fame after a fancam of member Hani went viral, panelist Park Ji Yoon says to Solji, “You’re followed everywhere by a group of people shooting fancams. The fact that someone is watching your every move must make you uncomfortable.”

Solji replies, “There are some who focus on shooting a specific part of my body. Someone shared a fancam that even shows my skin trembling. My older brother happened to watch it and asked me, [angry], ‘Who uploaded this?'”

“I didn’t really care about it as this is my job, but I realized that from the perspective of my family, such videos can be embarrassing,” she explains about the different sides to the issue.

exid solji

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