Broker Who Harrassed Tahiti’s Jisoo To Face Charges

Broker Who Harrassed Tahiti’s Jisoo To Face Charges

The broker who harassed Tahiti member Jisoo on Instagram with “sponsorship” offers will be facing criminal charges.

Tahiti’s agency released a statement on January 13, revealing that the Seocho District Police Department had formally received their report and will be prosecuting the broker.

A representative from the agency said, “Jisoo was very offended by the broker’s insistent messages. After a discussion with the company’s staff, ultimately she decided to press charges.”

Jisoo herself previously expressed her displeasure at the harassment, saying “You leave messages on every picture I upload telling me to check my direct messages. It’s offensive.” The messages in question offered her money in return for a “sponsorship” on behalf of a “client” that wanted to meet with her.

Meanwhile, Tahiti is currently busy with their overseas activities.

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