NU’EST Officially Lands Into Entertainment Shows

Newcomer group NU’EST is gaining attention for a recent reality TV program they took part of. On March 21, during the first episode of cable channel, MBC MUSIC’s “Making of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation” the group members displayed carefree attitudes suitable to their teenage age, but completely different from the charismatic image they portrayed during their music performances.

Shinhwa Regrets Publicly Revealing Their Past Relationships

The group Shinhwa is gaining attention for expressing their regrets on going public with their past romantic relationships. On March 13th, during the recent broadcast of KBS “Win Win” the group Shinhwa (members Eric, Kim Dong Wan, Shin Hye Sung, Lee Min Woo, Jun Jin, and Andy) were asked, “Were Shinhwa members in a relationship during their past group activities?” to which they unanimously answere...