[Recap] We Got Married Episode 77 (Final Goguma Episode)

Finally Yonghwa and Seohyun arrived to have their “last supper” which was Dduk Bokki! They both decided to eat at the same place and also sit at the same lace they had before. The area that they went to is called “Shin Dang Dong” and it is known as the place where Dduk Bokki was first created. (Of course, now it’s full of different restaurants that claim they were the first ones to have invented D...

Korean Military Using their Enlisted Celebrities for Profit?

Recently the Korean Marines came under fire after a “Publicity Book” was created that had pictures of Hyunbin and his military training. Now a similar problem regarding the Korean military and using celebrities for profit is occurring. It was revealed through SBS that episodes containing celebrities Lee Jun Ki and Tony An during their military service were being sold to Japan.

Super Junior’s Sungmin Cast as Main Role for “Jack the Ripper”

Super Junior’s Sungmin is cast for the main role of the musical “Jack the Ripper.” The main role is the surgeon “Daniel.” For those of you who don’t know “Jack the Ripper” is a name given to an unidentified serial killer who was active during London in 1888. This serial killer murdered numerous female prostitutes. The name was coined after a letter was given to the media at the time by the suppose...

DBSK Models for “Pepsi Nex”

DBSK was chosen as Pepsi Zero’s “Pepsi Nex” models. Korea Pepsi-Cola stated, “DBSK are stars that represent Asia and they have a professional and clean image, both of the members are different but they contain chemistry. We have chosen DBSK to model for Pepsi Nex because we believe they are a good fit for the product’s image.”

“Sunny” reaches 1 Million Viewers

“Sunny” which is a film directed by Kang Hyung Chul, has reached 1,000,000 viewers. Currently #2 on South Korea’s box office is “Source Code.” With films such as “Source Code, Thor, and Fast & Furious 5” the South Korean media have called this month the attack of Hollywood movies.

Aziatix Reaches #1 on Cyworld’s Weekly Pop Charts

Aziatix reached #1 on Cyworld’s Weekly Pop Charts. On May 3rd Aziatix released their debut single “Go” and within a week it reached #1 on Cyworld’s weekly pop charts. As those of you who have listened to the song know by now, the debut single is an urban style song that talks about following one’s dreams while being freed from the pressure of a relationship.

The Many Faces of Jun Ji-Hyun

The enigmatic beauty Jun Ji-Hyun is undoubtedly one of the most familiar and famous faces amongst female Korean celebrities. Here, I would like to take a brief look into her past and her rise of fame. Before she had any real acting roles, Jun Ji-Hyun started off as a model for Echo Magazine in 1997. Pretty much Jun Ji-Hyun was unknown until she exploded on the commercial scene in Samsung’s MYJET c...