Lee Hyori Wants to Invite Her Boyfriend to "You & I"

Singer Lee Hyori would like to invite her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon onto the music talk show "You & I" if given the opportunity. On the 21st, Lee Hyori was asked how she'd feel if Lee Sang Soon was invited to appear on "You & I" at the SBS Hall. She answered positively, stating that "if the opportunity comes later, it is possible to invite him onto the show."

EXID Receiving Love Calls for CFs

The new girl group EXID, backed and trained by composer Sinsadong Tiger, has received numberous inquiries for CFs since their recent debut. Even before their official debut, the news that Sinsadong Tiger will be producing their first work had many interested parties endlessly sending love calls to the six member group for CFs.

Jang Nara’s March Comeback

Jang Nara has been working on her digital single in preparation for her comeback in Korea this March. On the 20th, her agency announced that Jang Nara has completed the recording for her recent ballad piece "I Only Think of You" and her duet piece with Alex "It Was You." According to schedule, her digital single will be released in March.

Park Ji Yoon Interview

Park Ji Yoon, age 30, is famous for her songs "Coming-of-Age Ceremony" and "I Know How." She was titled "Sexy Queen of All Singers" because of her sexy dance and provocative appearance. Then, one day, the "Sexy Queen" disappeared.