New Albums to be released soon

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No Gain – What’s Really Going On (January 16)

각나그네 – Jean & Andy (January 17)

K Vol. 2 (January 18)
K, at the age of 24, has made notice in Japan by even entering the Japanese Oricon chart with the single title song "OVER". K now enters KPOP, with "미소". His title song is "웃어요 (Laugh)," has a pop-ish melody, yet also has a sad melody to the song.

Maytree Vol. 1 – Maybe (January 20)

Lee Soo Young Vol. 7 – Grace (January 21)
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Lee Soo Young comes to the new year, with a new, familiar album. Her 7th album, titled is "Grace," and her title song will be 은혜 (Grace). Lee SooYoung states that her album is made from all the love that she has received from fans, and put together in grace, and she thanks all the grace that she has received from her fans. Lee SooYoung comes back, but this album is not only the"soft image" from her, but an album that will make her look "wow," and is a big upgrade to her image.

* Thanks to Izzie for the translations *
Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung