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This is a new segment. I’ll try to introduce an artist each week and I like to focus on up and coming artists. I have limited knowledges on all the artists but I am going to invite fans of these artists to write a brief introduction on their favorite artists and about their current album. I’ll look for you in the official threads. biggrin.gif

Our first "artist of the week" is 3 member group V.O.S. Many thanks to alexakim to provide a wonderful introduction to this group. I hope you all know them better by now. smile.gif

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Voice of Soul (V.O.S) is an R&B group with three members, 박지헌 (Park Ji Heon), 최현준 (Choi Hyun Joon), 김경록 (Kim Kyung Rok). The group is in 스타제국 (Star Empire) Entertainment, same with 4-female group Jewelry and an actor, 오지호 (Oh Ji Ho).

Their debut was in 14 May 2004, with the 1st album, “The Real”. The hits from the 1st album were 소중한 사람을 위해 (For The Special Person), 눈을 보고 말해요 (Look Into My Eyes And Tell Me), and 그게 되나요? (Can You Do That?).

Their 2nd album, “Blue Castle”, was released last 22 September 2005, and the hit is 시한부 (Time Limit). Firstly, they planned to release the album on May, but then delayed because of short preparation since the leader of the group, 박지헌, broke his right arm in an accident.

In this 2nd album, each member of the group got an opportunity to sing solo. 박지헌 sings 오늘도 눈물나게 기억속을 곧고있죠 (Tears Of Memory Will Show Up Today – Track #10), 최연준 performs Sweet Girl (Track #7), and 김경록 with 헤어지는 이유 (The Reason of Separation – Track #3).