New Albums to be released soon

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Bada Vol. 3 – Made In Sea (January 23)
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Former SES member Bada is back to presents hits Made In Sea. The potential songstress who also knows how to dance like few other artists returns with a vengeance after an artistic hiatus that lasted 1 year.
Enchanting music lovers with her extremely high vocal pitch, the charming talent from Korea this time teamed-up with skillful musicians from Korea and overseas including Japanese composer yamadori. The principal song of the K-pop singer’s 3rd solo CD is called "Find the Way". It presents a ballad with lyrics by Bada unveiling a brand-new aspect of the all-round performer. What’s more, Bada’s good friends Eugene and Shoo that also were part of SES appear have cameo appearances in the said song’s MV, making this the first collective video clip of the 3 beloved girls in 3 years. – credits to YESASIA

UN – Goodbye & Best (January 24)
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UN, one of K-pop’s most beloved duos regrettably announced to break up in September 2005. Giving all their devoted fans a welcome overview of some of their greatest hits and more, here comes UN’s final gift Goodbye & Best. It is filled with overall 14 songs allowing music lovers a comprehensive retrospective of their K-pop career, which they launched with their first album that included the smash Voice Mail in July 2000. Another 4 major CDs rounded up their 5 year long music history on the K-pop market. Among the duo’s well remembered hits are "To Her" (Track 6 – originally featured on Seventy Five Centimeter), "Farewell" (Track 11 – originally featured on Extreme Happiness), Remember (originally featured on Reunion), "Morning" (Track 14 – originally featured on Extreme Happiness), and "Afterwards…" (Track 12 – originally featured on Traveling You). What’s more, the duo also presents 3 all-new songs including the principal tune "Branches are Stable Now" (Track 1) and "Falling in Love" (Track 2). Offering their magic vocals for a special last time, UN may never have sounded better than on this farewell surprise! – credits to YESASIA

Harisu Vol. 4 (January 24)
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Not only in South Korea, but also in North Korea and HongKong, she is well recognized. She returns with her 4th album, and the album consists of disco, ballad, hip-hop, and a lot more. Her title song is "Reaction," and is selected out of more than 100 songs she has received. The netizens are already raging about a song on her album, titled "눈이 내리면" (If it Snows), and it’s already climbing up many internet charts. – credits to Izzie

Bubble Sisters Vol. 2 – Ready for Soul (January 24)
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With a two new members, the Bubble Sisters, after releasing their 1st album in 2003, the Bubble Sisters comes back with a brand new album on January 23rd, titled [Ready for Soul]. Even with two new members, the bubble sisters are still full of their wonderful, skillful talents. The songs from the album were produced by many famous names, such as Sam Lee, Hwang Sung-Jae, Jeon SungHwan (Wanted), and many more. They’re title song, 사랑 먼지 (Love Dust) is a sad song about a woman who’s going through a heartbreak, and to clean every bits of her past love, every single dust of it. This album is ought to make a big hit. – credits to Izzie

KCM Vol. 3 – Love Affair (January 30)
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After a short artistic hiatus that followed the post activities of his vol.2 album Growing Up, KCM is back with an all-new CD. His latest work is called Love Affair and saw him co-operating with an ensemble of talents. KCM teamed-up with such composers as Min Myeong Ki (who earlier composed his song "9 Hopes I’m Telling You About"), Kim Kun Woo (that came up with the melody of MC Mung’s "I Love U oh Thank You"), and Shin In Soo (the composer of Fly To The Sky’s "Even Though My Heart Hurts") among other potential contributors. Love Affair offers overall 15 songs that once again come marked with KCM’s romantic touch and of course his beautiful alto voice. Presenting his usual professional sound with the aim to also offer space for improvement, KCM’s latest works including "Today 1 Year Ago" (Track 4), "Shadow" (Track 10), and "Still Love You" (Track 11) among other highlights promise to please music lovers. Finally of course it’s up to KCM’s devotees to decide whether his latest shower of R&B, dance and hip-hop rhythms is able to make the grade. – credits to YESASIA

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