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KCM Vol. 3 – Love Affair (January 30)
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After a short artistic hiatus that followed the post activities of his vol.2 album Growing Up, KCM is back with an all-new CD. His latest work is called Love Affair and saw him co-operating with an ensemble of talents. KCM teamed-up with such composers as Min Myeong Ki (who earlier composed his song "9 Hopes I’m Telling You About"), Kim Kun Woo (that came up with the melody of MC Mung’s "I Love U oh Thank You"), and Shin In Soo (the composer of Fly To The Sky’s "Even Though My Heart Hurts") among other potential contributors. Love Affair offers overall 15 songs that once again come marked with KCM’s romantic touch and of course his beautiful alto voice. Presenting his usual professional sound with the aim to also offer space for improvement, KCM’s latest works including "Today 1 Year Ago" (Track 4), "Shadow" (Track 10), and "Still Love You" (Track 11) among other highlights promise to please music lovers. Finally of course it’s up to KCM’s devotees to decide whether his latest shower of R&B, dance and hip-hop rhythms is able to make the grade. – credits to YESASIA

Various Artists – 12 Memories of Love (February 1)
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This album has 12 songs by 7 female singers – BMK, Lisa, Park Hwa Yobi, Maya, Leeds, Hey, and Nana.

Lee Seung Ki Vol. 2 – Crazy For U (February 3)
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Lee Seung Ki, who created the Nuna-syndrome (liking older girls), with his song 내 여자라니까 (You are my Girl), finally returns with his second album. Then at 19, when he was loved by his fans for his soft character, comes back at the age of 21, as a charisma-man. His 2nd album, "Crazy for U", is composed of one of the most famous composers. Kim DoHoon, who composed SG WannaBe’s "Crime and Punishment" and Wheesung’s Incurable Disease, Jeon HyeSung (composer of Lee SeungChul’s Long Day and Yoon DoHyun’s We Must Have Loved), and Yang Jeung Seung (composer of Jo SungMo’s For You and 불명의 사랑), has participated in this album, this is an album with high hopes. Title song, ‘하기 힘든말’ (Words Hard to Tell), is supposedly much different from his first album, and it is a fresh song for Lee Seung Ki. – credits to Izzie

Lee Hyolee Vol. 2 – Dark Angel (February 9)
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Lee Hyolee, who came out solo with her 1st album in the summer of 2003, has had many hit songs, from 10 Minutes, to Hey Girl, and Remember me. The Hyolee syndrome has never been bigger, and after three years, Hyolee comes back to her fans with her 2nd album. Hyolee, who was created as a softy, came out sexy as ever with her 1st album. Her transformation was accepted well, and people can’t wait to find out how her 2nd album will be like. The transsetter of the "sexy concept", Hyolee combined all her feelings into this album, and there is a variety of genres in this album. There is pop, R&B, and even hip hop into this album. The composer of her previous songs, "10 Minutes" and "Hey Girl", Kim DoHyun also has participated in making this album. Her title song is chosen as "Dark Angel." – credits to Izzie

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