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Vibe Vol. 3 – Re-feel (February 27)
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Vibe are back to give fans the low-down on more R&B from Korea. The trio debuted on the K-pop scene in 2002 with the album Afterglow that included Promise U among other pleasing tunes. In the end of 2003 they launched their follow-up work Do U Remember? , which once again managed to touch the hearts of music lovers with such hits as "A Long, Long Time" and "After looking at the picture". Now the band with the core members Yoon Min Soo on lead vocal and producer/vocalist Ryoo Jae Hyeon are finally back with their 3rd CD that has been titled Re-Feel. The all-round talent group that is skilled in anything from composing to song writing and producing that has not been releasing a full-length major CD for quite a while returns with its passionate easy listening rhythms. In between the dedicated musicians have been doing what they are best at, taking part in live performance events with SG Wannabe, KCM, Park Hwayobi among other known artists. What’s more they joined M to M, SG Wannabe, Kim Jong Kook and Big 4 to release a special digital single album with material that has pushed their fame to even higher levels. Vibe’s latest album comes with the principal track "That Boy – That Girl" (Track 2), that features K-pop diva Jang Hye Jin who made her long awaited comeback with her 7th album 4 Season Story after 5 years (most recently she was studying abroad for 2 years). Also including the song " Tree Branches Turned Calm" (Track 6) which they sing alongside Jun In Kwon, Vibe are back on altogether 16 tracks that are driven by their magic R&B ballad touch! credits YesAsia

NEXT Vol. 5.5 – Re-game (February 27)
Bona – HaNeul Sum (February 27)
Kinetic Flow Vol. 1 – Challange 4da Change (February 27)

Rollercoaster Vol. 5 – Triangle (February 28)
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Roller Coaster, one of K-pop’s most foremost trend-setting bands finally returns with its latest melodies on board. The sound-strong formation that launched its debut album in 1999 and whose 4th CD came out in spring 2004 are back with their highly anticipated follow up work Triangle.
It comes with a fresh breeze of acid pop and electronica beats as well as a touch of bossa nova and samba rhythms among other irresistible ingredients. Roller Coaster have won the hearts of many music lovers with such addictive tunes as Love Virus from their 2nd Round album and "Last Scene" that could be found on their 3rd CD. As for their new works on Triangle, there are overall 12 tracks among which "Can’t Conceal" (Track 4) is the principal song. Other recommendable tunes include "Winking the Eye One Time" (Track 3), which comes accompanied by an accordion, the mid-tempo song "Two People" (Track 4), "Another Monday" (Track 8) that attracts with its beautiful melody, and the techno-tune "Ok" (Track 11) as well as "Between Tears & Laughter" (Track 2) among other instant Roller Coaster classics! credits YesAsia

Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 1 – Your Story (March 2)
Ahn Chi Hwan – Beyond Nostalgia (March 2)
2Soo Vol. 1 – Voice for the Insane Boy (March 3)
Im Hyun Jung Vol. 5 – All That Love (March 3)

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