King and the Clown, the best “All-Time Korean Box Office Film”

2006-03-06 07:03:49 2010-11-24 11:03:24

3/5/06 – On 3/5, the movie “King and the Clown” breaks the box office record held by the movie “Tae Guk Gi”. This is the only movie portraying historical story ranked in “All-Time Korean Movie Box Office TOP 10”. Together with the movie “Welcome to Dongmakgo”, these two movies do not have large-scale production and top-class actors and actresses.  “King and the Clown” has attracted foreign countries’ distributors’ great attentions.  Its outstanding box office record sets the steppingstone for it to advance to international film festivals such as “Cannes Film Festival” as well as Japan and USA’s movie markets.

“All-Time Korean Movie Box Office TOP 10”:

1. “King and the Clown” (2006, 11.74 Million viewers (Still Showing))
2. “Tae Guk Gi (2004, 11.74 Million viewers)
3. “Sihmido (2004, 11.08 Million viewers)
4. “Friend” (2001, 8.18 Million viewers)
5. “Welcome to Dongmakgo” (2005, 8 Million viewers)
6. “Shiri” (1999, 6.21 Million viewers)
7. “My Boss, My Student” (2006, 6 Million viewers (Still Showing))
8. “Joint Security Area” (2000, 5.83 Million viewers)
9. “Marrying Mafia 2” (2005, 5.66 Million viewers)
10. “Memories of Murder” (2003, 5.50 Million viewers)