Press in Frenzy Ahead of Won Bin’s First Army Leave

2006-03-06 11:26:06 2010-11-24 11:03:24

Updated Mar.6,2006 19:12 KST  

Reporters are falling over each other ahead of Won Bin’s first leave of absence from mandatory military service after the acting star made headlines in his new life by volunteering for duty at a border guard post.

Won, who started his military service on Nov. 29 last year, is due a five-day leave on Wednesday, 100 days since he enlisted. Reporters in Japan as well as Korea are getting ready to catch the actor when he emerges from barracks.

Won’s agency says it has been inundated with phone calls from the media about the exact date Won Bin starts his vacation and with requests for interviews. Some press hounds plan to camp out at the entrance of the Sangseung Regiment in Hwacheon, Gangwon Province where Won is on duty.

Japan’s press is also eager to talk to the star, with Asahi TV entreating the agency for details of the star, one of whose last appearances before enlisting was a meeting with fans in the island country.

But Won has asked for privacy to spend a quiet vacation from guard duty. The agency says his vacation will start one or two days ahead of or after the 100-day mark but it is trying to fend off interview requests. The agency also says Won is worried about a plan by the Defense Ministry to compel enlisted stars to join entertainment units, which could end his service in the DMZ.

Won has continued to draw intense interest, with pictures of the star in uniform and on guard duty widely circulated on the web.

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