New k-pop album releases – March 12 – 18, 2006

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Lyn – Misty Memories: Remake album (March 13)

The remake trend just keeps coming, and this remake album by Lyn is sure to bring the spring feeling with Lyn’s charismatic voice. Lyn sings many hits from the 80s and the 90s, with her title song being "날 위한 이별" (Breakup For Me). Famous instrumentalists, such as Sam Lee (Guitar), Shin HyunKwun (Bass), and Kang SooHong (Drum) helped create the masterpiece of this album. Not only instrumentalists, but singers featured in the album also. GOD’s Kim TaeWoo sang with Lyn, the song "그대만의 블루" (A Blue For Her). credits to Izzie

Clazziquai – Pinch Your Soul: Remix Album (March 14)

After the release of their first album, "INSTANT PIG," Clazziquai did what they do best, and remixed it to "ZBAM." And, they came with a more funky and groovy 2nd album, "COLOR YOUR SOUL." Now, they come with their 2nd remix album, titled, "PINCH YOUR SOUL." The song from their first album, ‘Sweety,’ got cosmo remixed, and it was praised on the internet, titled "Chi Chi." (This song was only in the Japanese 2nd Album, as a bonus track). This new remix album remixed the popular songs like "Fill This Night," "I’ll give you Everything," "Color Your Soul," and so forth. The album has many featuring artists, where Bobby Kim and J featured in the song, "I’ll Give You Everything." Also, Tablo featured in the song "Love Mode."
Alex and Horan, like always, show perfect harmony in each song, and this is an album that you would not want to miss. credits to Izzie

Seo Young Eun Vol. 6 – Be My Sweetheart (March 16)

Regardless of whether Korean chanteuse Suh Young Eun sings about marriage bliss, first love or angels, her songs are sure to capture the heart of those listening and to leap up the music charts. She sent fans her first album surprise in 1998 and now just in time for the spring season she’s back to offer all music lovers with her latest gift. The principal song on Suh’s latest CD is "Smile" (Track 2), which delivers a hopeful message wrapped up in touching rhythms that are skillfully combined with her enchanting voice. Filled with overall 11 tunes full of compassion and energy, 01. Be my sweet heart could be one of the season’s most promising K-pop albums! credits to YesAsia

Four Men Vol. 3 – Andante (March 17)

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