Shinhwa Plans to Captivate Japan

2006-03-16 14:19:55 2010-11-24 11:03:31


The all-male group Shinhwa will release their first single album recorded in Japanese in Japan, their first step toward becoming the newest Korean pop stars in that country. The Sport Hochi reported Thursday that the popular Korean six-man group is now gearing up to captivate Japanese fans with its new album to be released in June.

The sports newspaper said that the group will hold a press conference at Budokan in Tokyo on April 14 to announce its plan, which will be followed by a mini concert. It featured a detailed profile of the group, describing Shinhwa as one of Korea’s greatest music groups and likening them to Japan’s SMAP and the Back Street Boys.

The group also plans to release a feature album and hold concerts across Japan once its new single album is released there. Group member Eric said in an interview with the newspaper, “We are happy to perform in Japan. We are trying our best to produce great music for Japanese fans, so we will be very happy if you like us and our music.”

Fellow group member Shin Hye-sung, who held a live concert in Japan last November, expressed confidence, saying, “I am pretty sure that Japanese fans will love our performance.”

Meanwhile, the group will appear in a live concert to be held in Budokan on April 15 to celebrate the opening of Mnet Japan, the Tokyo branch of the Korean cable music channel, Mnet.